Most of us enter parenthood with some idea of the kind of parent we want to be, or maybe the kind we don’t want to be! We boldly set off thinking ‘it can’t be THAT hard’, but the truth is, it really is sometimes! Yes, creating a life is mind-blowing and the most positively life affirming thing we will ever do. And sometimes you think you might burst with love for these little humans you have created - but at times it can also be very challenging. Our gorgeous little bundles become their own little people with their own little minds and sometimes we face behaviours from them we feel totally un-prepared for. I have named these “Everyday Parenting Challenges”. How do I cope with a tantrum? Why won’t my child eat the food I’ve spent hours making them? Why won’t they listen to me and do what I ask them…is putting shoes on really such a HUGE problem? How can I help her manage that anger it seems to be getting worse? Please don’t hit your baby brother with that wooden spoon he’s only a week old! (This actually happened to us).

We are all trying really hard to keep things running smoothly, to have happy households full of laughter and joy not tantrums and tears. We want to raise confident, well-adjusted and most of all happy kiddies and most importantly we are all trying our best. But really – what IS best? We might read a book and think we’ve got a strategy nailed but then they go off script and we have no idea how to react.

So many people have turned to me for advice over the years and nothing makes me happier than giving them practical and effective advice that I know will really make a difference. Now that my 3 kids are a little older and I’m through the breast-feeding, nappies, weaning, sleepless nights (and all the other wonderful things that motherhood brings?!), I have realised that I’d love to be able to help even more people to have the confidence and tools to parent more effectively and overcome their Everyday Parenting Challenges. And so, here we are…Let’s Ask Livvy was born.

Finally I’d like to add, that I don’t get it right with my own kids all the time, far from it! I’m only human and even with all of my training and experience I lose my way. There are times when I feel like I’m getting it wrong and life is total chaos! However, I do know that if I take a step back, analyse the function of the behaviour (determine why it’s happening in the first place) and then put in place an effective and age appropriate strategy, I can turn any behaviour around. You can too with the right advice, strategy and support. So, maybe we will speak in person one day.

Best wishes,
Livvy x