Managing Tantrums
Reducing frequency and intensity of tantrums. Identifying the function of the tantrum and applying clear strategies to manage, reduce and work through tantrums. Analysing and improving a parent’s response to tantrumming. Teaching parents and children more effective ways of communicating during tantrums.

Positive Parenting
Praising the positives. Encouraging nice behaviours and teaching parents how to get the best from our children. Applying behavioural strategies to everyday parenting challenges.

Positive Discipline
Breaking the ‘No/Don’t’ cycle. Developing effective discipline and strategies that suit your parenting style. Creating age appropriate discipline strategies for parents to implement.

Addressing Fussy Eating
Happy meal times for parents and children. Encouraging children to eat or try new foods, tastes and
textures. Analysing and improving a parent’s response to fussy eating and de-stressing meal times.

Increasing co-operation and compliance with parental requests
Encouraging co-operation from our children. Empowering parents to take control of situations and
teaching children good listening and compliance skills. Implementing effective reward systems for our children.

Anger Management
Teaching children age appropriate strategies to cope with their emotions or anger. Analysing and
improving parents’ response to children’s angry behaviour.

Managing Separation Anxiety
Identify the cause of anxiety and teach parents and children step-by-step strategies to deal with
challenging transitions (starting pre-school or nursery, returning to work, new childcare scenarios etc.). Teaching children and parents how to separate from each other without stress, worry and upset on both sides.

Encouraging Independence
Encouraging independent play, self-help skills and confidence. Teaching parents how to encourage and reward independence.

Setting Boundaries and Applying Consistent Rules
Teaching parents how to set, apply and stick to boundaries to encourage positive behaviour. Analysing and improving the way parents apply, and follow through with their family rules on a day-to-day basis.

Establishing Routines
Teaching parents how to establish, apply and stick to everyday routines such as bedtime. Analysing and improving the way routines are applied. How to effectively reward routines.

Implementing Effective Reward Systems
Creating effective, age appropriate reward systems to encourage more appropriate behaviour. Encourage compliance and co-operation from our children.

Encouraging Sibling Bonds
Promote loving, happy and healthy relations between siblings. Preparing for new family arrivals and
managing difficult emotional transitions for both parents and children.

Encouraging Nice Play and Developing Friendships
Helping children to play with their friends, share, co-operate and resolve issues or conflicts appropriately for their age. Teaching parents how to reward and encourage positive behaviour. Analysing and improving the way parents can encourage nice play.

Developing Emotional Literacy
Teaching children how to understand their emotions and those of others. Educate parents about age
appropriate emotions in our children and how we manage them.