I want to give parents the confidence and tools to parent more effectively and to overcome their everyday parenting challenges. Be it a tantrumming toddler or a fussy eater, helping to establish an effective bedtime routine or building confidence in a child who struggles to separate. I specialise in teaching parents to analyse behaviours and work out why these behaviours may be happening.

I will discuss your everyday challenges and create specific strategies that suit your parenting style and the specific needs of your child and your family. I will offer back up support to help you stay on target and modify the strategies if necessary.

There is no behaviour which will shock me, nor a problem to small to address. Anything that causes you, your child or your family stress or upset can be worked on.

My role is to advise and support and never to judge as I know as parents we are all trying to do our best.

With support, advice, understanding and compassion, I hope to help you and your kids make the most of every precious day.